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 Who We Are

Animals of all shapes and sizes are our passion, and we love to learn and share everything we can about them. We follow the latest scientific research and evidence to give you reliable and helpful advice on how to care for your pets. We reference our sources so you can verify the data we use. We discuss topics such as facts, training, nutrition, safety, and behavior of pets ranging from cats to horses.

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Our Goals

  • Make your life and your pets’ lives better and happier
  • Answer any questions you have about pets, from nutrition to behavior and more
  • Give you the latest and most accurate pet information based on scientific research and evidence
  • Help you deal with any pet issues you may have
  • Help you choose the best gear and equipment for you and your pets
  • Keep your pets healthy with the best advice on food, diet, and nutrition based on science
  • Keep your pets happy with grooming and training tips that work
  • Inspire you to be an amazing pet parent with engaging articles about pets and common pet challenges

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